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Trading bot to create a large trading volume on the exchange

Creating and maintaining your token's trading volume raises it in the rating on the stock exchange, thereby increasing its attractiveness for traders and investors

Why do you need a trading bot?

Increase the attractiveness of your token

As the volume increases, your token rises in the rating on the exchange, thereby increasing its attractiveness for traders, investors and even trading bots!

Listing on Coinmarketcap

Coinmarketcap will add your token when creating and maintaining trading volume on the exchange of more than $100,000 per day.

Positive opinion about your project

The opinion of the owners of tokens is changing in a positive way, as they see a growing trend.

How does a trading bot work?

Trading volume on the exchange reflects the number of transactions in relation to your token for a certain period of time.

This captures the interest in the token, its increase or decrease.

No transaction growth - no interest

The trading bot allows you to increase the dynamics of your token on the exchange, which leads to an increase in the token's liquidity in the market.

Boat most similar to the behavior of real users

Every day, more and more projects are trying to keep up with competitors at the entrance to the exchange and are trying to increase the liquidity of their token in all possible ways, including through trading bots. But using low-quality trading bot, you risk not only not achieving the desired result, but also spoil the reputation of your project in the eyes of the public, creating an unnatural dynamics of trade.

We have developed our trading bot so that its transactions are indistinguishable from transactions performed by ordinary users!

This is how the chart looks when using our bot:

This is the chart when using low-quality bots:

To use the trading bot more efficiently, you can configure:

Select a currency pair

Our bot works with many cryptocurrency exchanges and with all currency pairs on these exchanges.

When buying a bot, we will set it up for your exchange.

Accounts between which trading takes place

You can choose accounts for trading.

Trade is conducted on your accounts by API. The bot does not have access to the withdrawal of your funds, so it is absolutely safe.

Set the amount and frequency of transactions

You can adjust yourself the number and frequency of transactions, as well as the volume of trades you want to achieve.

How much is it?

Market making service can be ordered from your exchange. It will cost an average of 10,000 to 25,000 USD, plus tokens and some bitcoins for turnover. And for this money you get the service only for a certain period, usually for a month. If you want to continue - you will have to pay more.

Price per bot today total:5 0002 000 USD

For only $2000 you will get the bot that you can use all your life, without time limits!

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