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We will help you to make airdrop, make listing on 50 sites and telegram channels and over a million participants will learn about your airdrop!

95% ICO doesn't reach the hard cap! 

And if you do not want to repeat their fate - it is worth using all the existing marketing tools to the maximum and carefully selecting the performers.

Airdrop - just from such tools that can bring tangible benefits to the project, or pass completely useless.

Prepare a plan for cryptocurrency airdrop 

We will make the plan, the scheme of awards, we will think over referral system and we will think up tasks for participants airdrop.

We will do airdrop  for a cryptocurrency with Google tables

Prepare, make and listing your airdrop using Google tables, and bring up to 40,000 participants..

We will make airdrop for a cryptocurrency via Telegram bot

We will make the Telegram bot and will carry out the airdrop up to 100 000 participants.

We will make an airdrop in the form of a contest

Airdrop of cryptocurrency in the form of competition - allows you to attract more real participants for less reward.

What is the airdrop of cryptocurrency?

Airdrop is when you offer people for a small number of your tokens to join your social networks, make reposts of one or several messages, register on the site and in the white list, write a comments on the forum and so on (usually from 3 to 15 different tasks) .

After the participant has did the actions - he fills in the report (logins for social networks and links to reposts / messages).

If you have a referral program, then the participant can invite his friends and earn additional tokens for this.

From the bounty the airdrop differs in that all tasks can be performed for 1 time, but the reward is much less. The second important difference is the number of participants. In the bounty campaigns, an average of 1000 people take part, in airdrops up to 100,000, an average of 30-40 thousand! Those you will have 30,000 subscribers on Facebook, 30,000 subscribers on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and so on. And as many reposts, likes, views.

Tokens to participants you distribute only after a successful ICO!

Why make an airdrop?

Attractiveness for investors

Many subscribers in social networks cause trust. 

The project, which has 30,000 subscribers, looks much more attractive than the one who has 300.

Improving reputation

The members of the airdrop write only positive comments and feedback, as a result, social networks are filled with thousands of positive messages about you.

Free advertising

Apart from modest payment to us, you do not carry any more expenses until the end of the ICO and the distribution of the tokens.

Thus, at the first stage you get almost free advertising.

The natural increase in investors

The members of the airdrop raise your social networks up with their messages and other actions, as a result more and more people are starting to find out about you!

The three most popular airdrop formats


Quickly and simply, you can organize an airdrop with 4-7 tasks. Suitable for small airdrops.


The most perfect kind of airdrops, the participants compete for the first places trying to invite as many people as possible. 10-20 tasks.


The telegram bot is convenient and simple. Suitable when there are few tasks (4-8), but it is necessary to attract a lot of people.

Depending on your tasks, we will help you to choose the format that suits you. Select...

Below we consider all three formats in detail.

We'll make a airdrop based on Googleforms


  • Minimum time to prepare. After 2-5 days new participants can start coming to you;
  • Everyone knows the interface;
  • Low price.


  • To googleforms least confidence among participants, because due to the simplicity of the tool it is most often used by scammers;
  • The complexity of implementing the referral system. It can be done, but it turns out to be a bit complicated for the participants and they do not see in real time how many referrals have already come;
  • Due to the first two reasons, there is virtually no viral spread. Thus, it is more difficult to collect many participants;
  • The average number of tasks (4-7). Usually not more than 10;
  • You can not add or change tasks during the airdrop.


This format is suitable for small airdrops, for example if you are just starting out and want to test this direction for 5000 participants.

We will make an airdrop in the form of competition on the most perfect platform


  • A presentable appearance emphasizes the firm intentions of your team to succeed;
  • A modern and convenient platform for carrying out airdrops in the form of competitions, where each participant sees how many points he has already scored and where he is located;
  • A convenient referral system;
  • Automatic verification of some actions. For example, for the "view video" task, the system itself understands when the participant viewed the video;
  • Multistage intellectual protection from bots and scammers;
  • You can make a large number of different tasks (10-20);
  • Ability to add new tasks at any time;
  • Less expenses for participants' rewards. We just set a good reward for the first places, and a small one for the last ones. And the participants start to fight for the championship, performing all the new tasks in order to score more points. At the same time, your expenses do not increase!


  • The creation of such an airdrop is more complicated and expensive;
  • Preparation takes from 3 to 5 days;
  • It does not make sense to hold such an airdrop to attract a small number of participants (up to 10,000).


This format is suitable for serious projects that are ready to pump all social networks right away and get the most from the airdrop.

We will make an airdrop with telegram bot


  • It is easy to participate in the airdrop;
  • All tasks are executed quickly even from the phone;
  • A full-fledged referral system, the participants see how many people they invited and how much they earned for it;
  • Thanks to the first three points, the airdrops quickly collect the required number of participants using telegrams from the bot
  • The best way to score 100,000 participants.


  • Timing. It takes from 3 to 7 days to develop and test bot;
  • A small number of tasks (usually from 4 to 8);
  • You can not add or change tasks during the airdrop.


Telegram bot is ideal if you want to get maximum participants in 2-4 social networks.

Prices for airdrops

Choose the right format for you


Design form with tasks

Developing a reward system

Development of the referral system 

Preparation of up to 7 tasks

Support for the whole period of the airdrop

Listing airdrop on 15 sites, telegram channels and social networks

Changing tasks




The price includes listing airdrop on 15 sites, telegram channels and social networks


Arrangement of landing page in your corporate style

Developing a reward system

Development of the referral system 

Preparation of up to 20 tasks

Support for the whole period of the airdrop

Competitions among participants

Intelligent protection against bots and cheaters

Reducing the cost of rewards

Automated verification of some tasks

Ability to edit and add tasks

Listing airdrop on 50 sites, telegram channels and social networks



The price includes listing airdrop on 50 sites, telegram channels and social networks with coverage of over 900,000 people


Developing a reward system

Development of telegram bot

Development of the referral system

Preparation of up to 8 tasks

Support for the whole period of the airdrop

Listing airdrop on 25 sites, telegram channels and social networks

Changing tasks




The price includes listing airdrop on 25 sites, telegram channels and social networks with coverage of over 400,000 people

5 easy steps to thousands of clients

How we are working




We need only some amount of data about your company. Fill out the application and we will start working right away.

Based on your goals, we will develop a remuneration scheme and prepare a technical task.

We are sure, that we make airdrops the best and at one of the lowest price.



After you are convinced that we are really doing our job - we need to make the first payment (see the prices)


We accept BTC, ETH and Fiat from card to card (Mastercard/Visa).

Unfortunately, we do not accept payment tokens, since up to 5 employees are involved in the preparation of each airdrop, and we also pay for hosting and other services. All of them want to get the finest money.

Nevertheless, we will be happy with a small bonus in tokens, if you liked our work)



We will develop a system of rewards, a referral system, we will make up to 20 tasks and arrange it all on the airdrop page.

Then we publish it on the Internet and you will be able to test how it works.

Terms 3-5 days.


Completely finished airdrop.

It will only be added to the sites, groups and channels of aggregators of airdrops.



After payment, we will once again check all the tasks and approve them with you. If necessary, we will make changes.

After the page of your airdrop is ready, it is necessary that you know about it. We place information about your airship on 20-50 resources.

This work takes about 2-5 days, during which the first participants will start coming.


Completely working airdrop, new participants come and invite new ones (virus spread).



In 30 days we sum up (or earlier, if the necessary number of participants is reached). 

We count the number of participants and expect payment.

After payment, we give you a table with all the data, logins and answers of each participant.

If required - we can extend your airdrop.


You have thousands of new members on social networks, discussions continue on the forums, tens or hundreds of thousands of people figured out your product. Also, you have a base of people to whom you can continue to advertise your ICO.

Our work is in numbers


More than 350 000 participants are attracted by the airdrops and bounty companies created by us.


The average conversion of sites that we do.


It was stolen from the projects that we did.

$38 Mln

Attracted investment for our customers.

Why have we been selected by 36 companies?

We are engaged in marketing since 2005, we know and love our business!

For example, before starting to do airdrops, we analyzed and participated in more than 300 airdrops. It took two months, but now we can definitely say that we make the best airdrops! Because we know what works best, what does not work, on what platforms it is better to do airdrops, how to build an ideal system of rewards and so on. The first made by us airdrops this confirmed, so exceeded the expectations of customers. And now the number of successfully conducted air stations is measured in tens.

But these are all the words, why do not you just try? We start working without an advance payment, and you will be able to make your own impression ...

How to contact us?

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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The main differences are three:

1. By the number of participants. 
In bounty campaigns take part about 1000 people. A good airdrop attracts 30-40 thousand participants;

2. Referral program. There isn't in bounty and there is in most airdrops;

3. Tasks. In bounty campaigns, tasks are repetitive (eg write one post on Facebook every week) for two months. Airdrop implies that all tasks can be done at a time. But since the new members come all the time, until the airdrop is over, you also have new reposts and messages every day.