We will help you to make ICO, and thousands of investors will know about your project!

Solve technical issues 

We will make a website for ICO and pre-ICO, we will write and will test a smart contract, will make an investor's office and issue tokens. we will make airdrop on the most perfect platform.

We take legal questions for ourselves

We will prepare a white paper, select the appropriate jurisdiction and prepare a plan for legal collection of collected funds, develop a privacy policy and contracts for partners..

We will help to find a team and advisors

The team and advisers are the first thing that investors look at when analyzing your ICO.

We will help you to select and correctly present your team to investors.

Marketing for the whole world

Social networks, news sites and even sellers in McDonald's - everyone should talk about you!

This is our main task for make a successful ICO.

Why do we have already chosen dozens of companies?

We are engaged in marketing since 2005, we know and love our business!

If you think that making an ICO and a pre-ICO is just creating a new token and make advertising for it, this is not exactly the right idea. Creation an ICO is primarily a marketing event. With marketing, it's worth starting when you are just beginning the idea of a new project. It's better to start asking yourself at once: who and why will buy your tokens? Than you are better than competitors? And your competitors are all who making ICO in 2019. You all are fighting for the money of investors.

And if you do not consider yourself marketing experts from God, it would be better for you to find such. And preferably at an affordable price, otherwise there may not be a budget to pay for advertising.

We try to meet the criterion mentioned above, but we have to understand if we can work together. Firstly, we take only those projects, we believe in the trough. Secondly, we should be on the same wave, understand the goals and share the worth of each other, only in this way can we successfully make the ICO and collect tens of millions  dollars.

Our work is in numbers

$38 Mln

Attracted investment for our customers.


The average conversion of sites that we do.


It was stolen from the projects that we did.


The participants are attracted by the airdrops created by us.

Our clients

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